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Kelly J. Munroe este o americanca pe care am cunoscut-o saptamana trecuta, pe un site international fondat de fiica lui Deepak Chopra, Cand am auzit despre revolutia din Moldova, da, revolutia, am zis ca ar fi o idee sa auda si lumea din afara sferei noastre despre asta. Da, stiu, utopic, idealist, blabla. Dar, am postat, langa cele cateva mesaje de compasiune postate ca reply la comentariile mele, o persoana, un om, strain de toate cele, a avut curiozitatea sa intrebe ce e aia Republica Moldova, cu ce se mananca, etc. Kelly este pasionata de limbi straine, de culturi straine, este un om incredibil, care a investit multa energie intr-o problema care, concret, nu o afecteaza si nu o poate vedea in mod direct. profilul ei, in caz ca va intereseaza mai multe, de pe

A urmat un schimb de mailuri, care zic eu, sunt interesante, macar din prisma faptului ca cineva care nu e nici moldovean si nici roman, s-a sinchisit sa intrebe si sa spuna "imi pare rau". Si nu doar atat. Pentru ca si-a montat blogu pe awarness in directia asta. Interesant, nu? :)
Acestea sunt mailurile in care am discutat, saptamana trecuta, despre ce se intampla in Chisinau si in lume, primul venind ca raspuns la comentariul meu, cum ca cnn nu a difuzat nimic despre REVOLUTIE:

From: Kelly J. Munroe
To: mihai radutu-mocanu
Subject: Moldova
Date: Wed, 04/08/2009 - 18:11

Mihai, by what means are you keeping abreast of the conflict? Would you share that with the rest of us? Obviously, it's not CNN. Is there a website of some sort?


Date: Thu, 04/09/2009 - 03:49

Hi, Kelly. I watch it at my national tv stations. There were a lot of images in the first day live. The interest is due to the fact that we speak the same language, and we've been the same country, but because of the ww2, when the "powers" splitted countries as they felt, we got separated, and they ended at the Sovietic Union, that let them go after that, but only "oficially". After their revolution started, the panic of the communist and their chiefs experience with revolutions made them do the following:

-they accused, oficcialy, my country, Romania, of submination of power(to get the attention of the international states away)
-they declared our ambasador there persona non gratta(that is a measure applied onlly in case of war)
-they reinstated visas for romanians(so that our youth won't go help our brothers in the streets)

So....this is kinda it, we stoped seeing on tv stuff. We don't get news from there, since we don't have any more journalists, that are romanians and don't have visas, that were reinstated while they were there, so, as in any normal state, they were thrown out.

As usual, BBC rules. I truly love those people. :)

Wish you well,

From: Kelly J. Munroe
To: mihai radutu-mocanu
Subject: Re: Moldova
Date: Thu, 04/09/2009 - 06:12

Oh, Mihai...Îmi pare rău.

Please know, that my prayers are with you, your Romanian brothers, and Moldova. And, you're absolutely correct...the BBC rules! I'm going to their site, and see if I can find additional information and updates. Mihai, as best as you can, please continue to update the Intent community...for now, you are the voice of Moldova. I've started a blog...with your permission, I'd like to copy and paste your posts (I see that there's two), on my site. Do you have your own blog site? If so, I'll make sure to visit it, once you give me the address. My thoughts are with you.


From: Kelly J. Munroe
To: mihai radutu-mocanu
Subject: Conflict In Moldova
Date: Thu, 04/09/2009 - 07:37

Mihai, please clarify this for me. I just read a little on the BBC; and, I'm trying to get a handle on what's going on. I understand, that Romania and Moldova were once one nation. Is that correct? They're now separated. Are both countries wanting to be rejoined? The BBC has suggested, that Romania is behind the protests. I don't believe much of what comes out of Russia...I take what they say with a grain of salt. What's going on, really? It's just a bit confusing. Does Moldova want to be rejoined with Romania? Does Moldova want to be its own independant state...not attatched to Russia or Romania? Clarify this, please :-)


Date: Thu, 04/09/2009 - 14:54

Hi, Kelly. :) Thank you so much for your interest and for all your emotions towards all of this. It's overwhelming, really. thank you. :)

I just home now after an exhausting day, so I'm a little discombobulated. So, I'll try making a list to respond to everything you asked.

1. I'm just working on my blog, I didn't relase it yet, but here is the adress. I'm not sure how much help would it be, there are only 2 posts, in romanian, and are some sort of social, human wake up call, but not related to moldova situation. I found out that the revolutionaries blamed us and the "powers" that we're not helping them. They said something like I said on my posts: they will go to jail, have problems, etc, because no one is helping them. So, on the way back home I thought that I'd post something about Moldova and release it. After your messages, I'm sure I'll do that tonight, altough it's late and I'm tired. Perhaps I can do a double post and translate what I say in english as well for you and the people you talk to and that joined you and your blog.

2. Yes, Kelly, of course, you cand post everything I'm writing to you, I didn't write it in the discussion list, first because no one seemed so interested as you about this matter, and I thought, ok, I shouldn't continue here. And second, because I got the first message from you here, and I thought that you're more ok with this way. Third, because we write a lot in this form, and again we would have filled the space for intents space. And finally, fourth, this is not the site's purpouse, and the beautifull intent of Chopra's child should be perserved by us, the users. :)

3. Yes, Moldova was part of Romania. People there speak the same language, have almost the same habits(not all of them admirable :P, but this is us, in good and bad) The problem with my country's history is that it went through so much dominations, "integrations" in several empires, that if you look only at the dates, then we have a history as a state, only since The Big Union in 1918. And not even then, because after that, came the WW2, where we did some confusing(at least to me) stuff, now joined the non-fascist/nazies/etc countries, and after that, because of fear of our leaders that then were morons and Psychothic persons(Ion Antonescu and co) we joined Germany at the end of war. So, because of that, even though we have fight for most part of ww2, we got punished. And payed our toll: "Republic Moldova"(we, now, at this moment, have three regions in our country: Transilvania, Tara Romaneasca and Moldova-yep, Moldova, but not "Republic Moldova") was taken by Soviets, war debt for a long period, and reduced rights. Because I can imagine that this may be confusing to anybody that reads it(for me as well, because I live in a strange country, with strange people and, why not, veeery strange history) I'll try to resume here with this part.

4. NO, Romania did not plot this. Why? Well, that is sooo simple. We can't. Romania is a weak country in a political and diplomatic sense. Even if, let's say, our government would have ploted this and would have succeded. Then what? Romania couldn't have done a damn thing about it. In absolutely no way I can believe that my country's impotent leadership could have even begin imagining such a thing.

5. Yes, a lot of romanian people would like that we could be again a whole country. But this is just a dream. Why? Because I don't care about borders as long as, at communicating and interacting we are the same, we can be friends and visit each other. "Country" for me it's just a word when it comes to speaking about way of being and human being. Yes, when it comes to violating brutally(usa vs anybody that got something that can make money) then border becomes meaningfull. So, in this case, if the majority of romanians and the majority of moldavians want unification, then I like that, because it's the wish of the people. But I, for one, don't want that. Because, I repeat, I don't care for borders.

6. Why Voronin had the guts to accuse Romania about a thing that's obvious for a lot of people that Romania it's not able to do? Because the first words that were written by the students in the center of Republic Moldova contained the word "Romania". Why? Because, for them, Romania equals Europe, freedom, escape from poverty and mind domination, fear, etc. Because, you know, Romania is part of the European Union, so it has rights and privileges that moldavians cannot even start dreaming about. Normal human stuff, that now is regarded as common sense for a lot of states, in Moldova don't exist. I remember the shock that I had, back in 2001-2002, when a moldavian band called Zdob si Zdub sang in one of their songs something like that: "Down there in the valley lights and light-bullbs apeared"(Dansuri from the album Zdubii bateti tare) You know? Shocking stuff because no one in my country EVER maid the distiction, in an usual conversation, beetwen lights and light-bulbs. It may appear nothing but from that I understood that they said it so natural and humble because not a lot of houses had electricity. So, I started asking around. And found HARD-CORE stuff. I mean, wow! It was hallucinant to learn about this poor wonderfull people that were saying nice stuff and good-intentioned stuff. And I understood that, because of these differences we no longer were the same people. Yes, we are the same in language, and a lot of habits as I said above. But, a lot was now different in my eyes.

7. So, in conclusion: we do not try to steal their country. we are a powerless state. we have power only because our alliances with ONU, NATO and UE. that's it. nothing else. and as long as THEY don't do anything to help those poor young people, none of us can. It's sad, very very sad. I feel helpless, but I promise that I will continue posting and talking to as much people as I can.

Thank you, Kelly. Thank you so so much. You have no idea how soothing is this. Everything. You, creating a blog for a country that you knew little before all this, beeing interested about it and caring. If only 20% of world politicians would have your humanity, we would be a singing planet :).

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Si-n fir, marea-mi de cade,
Taine vazute, firesc, imi apar derivand
Culoare-n nisip si sunet pe nori...

Si-infirmarea-mi decade!
Tai nevazute fire, scap arderii, "vand"
Culoare-n nisip si sunet pe nori!